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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

Originally Posted by AllTheCoolNamesAreTaken View Post
Thanks - I was thinking metal but then I found out Stanton plays a small birdseye maple drum most of the time.

I actually just got the Pork Pie Big Black, going to see how the depth affects the character of the ring. Eventually I'll need to get a 4x14. Just hard to convince my wife that I need three snares :-P
haha I get ya. Of course I'm too young to be married, but I can understand. Well, you can always find something great used and cheap if you dig deeper. Take a look at some used snares you wouldn't normally, and you are sure to find something surprising. I found a 13x3 pearl maple piccolo for $85. I also found a brass dixon snare, with an upgraded high end Pearl strainer, 14x4 for $80. Weighs like 10 lbs.
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