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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

Originally Posted by AllTheCoolNamesAreTaken View Post
Best wishes for Mr. Vidacovich - and everyone else - in the new year.

I'm working through "Taking it to the Street", and it's distracting to me that I can't get my 6.5x14 maple snare to sound right. I'm in the market for a new snare anyway. But as great as Stanton's drums sound there's no way I could get anything like a Dunnett Titanium. Does anybody have any recommendations for a more common drum that would tune well for second-line?
Try a 13x4 yamaha steel snare, it's really great. or try something like it. Or look for some 14x4 snare drums. Anything metal so that you can rim shot close to the edge of the drum and get a beautiful ring.
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