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Two words for you guys: SUN SHIP

Oh sweet cymbals of Elvin - that album is something else. Elvin is as if someone's injected him with pure energy - it's like listening to an lcd trip. He absolutely kills, I mean everything he does is pure genius, but this is truly him on top form. Especially Amen and Sun Ship and like someone earlier mentioned - he's EXPLODING.
It's one of the last recordings that quartet ever did together, and you can see how Coltrane's moving into a more free style and how that quartet were so perfect together. I mean they (according to McCoy Tyner) were able to make a whole composition out of just two notes. It's unreal. I can't recommend this album enough, even if you're not into the 'free' thing it's worth it purely for Elvin.
"You can play a shoestring if your sincere." - John Coltrane
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