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Originally Posted by the gayge View Post
Roy as a leader:
"Whereas" is great and features Jaleel Shaw who completely blew me away at Birdland.
"Birds of Feather" is a really excellent tribute to Charlie Parker with Kenny Garrett, Roy Hargrove, Dave Holland and David Kikoski.

"Now He Sings, Now He Sobs" is incredible all around.
He's on two Coltrane records that I know of. He's on the first disc (at least one tune) of the "Complete Village Vangaurd" set. He's also on the "Newport 63" record which is such an interesting performance. If you can, get that record and then find another live version of 'My Favorite Things' with Elvin Jones and A/B them. I think Roy is one of the only drummers who could have played with that group and held his own in place of Elvin.
"Outward Bound" by Eric Dolphy is a great album, but I think "Out There" is even better.

There are so many records worth checking out. Get them all!

If you get into any of that stuff, let us all know what you think.

Take care.
Cheers man, I'll get right on it! I've already got a performance of My Favourite Things with Elvin on it (2 actually original studio one and the one on One Up, One Down Live at the Half Note) which is why I'm eager to hear on Roy holds up with that band. I'm definately going to get Question and Answer as I've been meaning to get some Pat Metheney stuff.
I shall deffo report back.
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