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Default Re: New Arrangement inc. new item

Originally Posted by groove meister View Post
Cool man! thanks for the many answers
If you could do me a favour, id appreciate it if you could let me know if the CF card works!
:) happy drumming
right dude...

done some more reading, it would appear that the maximum memory card size that can be used is 512MB
Unfortunately you have to find this out by reading the memory card message list on page 131 of the manual, that is the only place I can see any reference to size, it's the 3rd message down "unsupported" ... not that that particular brand is unsupported, but the size... even the guy in the store where I bought the unit from said I could use any size card, I have even been on the Roland site and in the specs it didn't at the time say anything about the max card size being 512MB

This should hopefully make your choice of memory card a little easier...
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