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Originally Posted by Steamer View Post

Jack's one of the true jazz drum greats we still have the fortune of having with us.
Absolutely! Even after all of these years, Jack's playing continues to touch me and move me emotionally like no other. True catharsis, in the classical Greek sense, where one is transported to a new territory of life and never the same again.

On "My Foolish Heart," the latest offering from the trio with Jarrett and Peacock (actually recorded back in 2001) Jack delivers more amazing performances--they even do a few numbers in Ragtime style! Trio Beyond's tribute to Tony Williams that was mentioned (Saudades) is incredible as well--that one spent a lot of time in my car's CD player when I got it last Spring.

Steamer, you have some real treasures there in the form of letters and tapes from Jack!

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