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Champlin is one of Chicago's lead vocalists, and has been in the biz for 35 years or so.
Go find yourself a copy of "Lossen up Naturally" by "the Sons of Champlin" for starters.


Lukather and Champlin took a Grammy for "Turn Your Love Around" in '81. Bill is West Coast/R&B/Funk/Soul....hard to put him in one bag.

Jeff's work on "Runaway" is awesome.

Originally Posted by thiscocks View Post
Cheers guys, thatll be a couple more hours on amazon then! I didnt even know he played on a Benson album, ill look that one up. Is it older or newer than 'give me the night'?

Alexdrum: What kind of genre is Bill Champlin? Ill check that out

Totally agree with you on 'any foolish thing' thats always been my favourite shuffle groove of his, more so than rosanna. It is more simple and just flows nicely I think.

Any one know where I can get 'All dressed up' from? Amazon uk dont have it and amazon us have it only second hand and not international shipping....

As for the America album, ive never heard it but JRs hats are normally quite distinctive 'light' sounding... Although I still cant decide who plays which songs on Madonnas 'like a prayer', which they both play on too....V annoying when they dont list track credits!

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