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Default Re: A pet peeve with bands on TV

Originally Posted by drumr0 View Post
I have always had a little pet peeve about watching a band on tv that is not actually playing, maybe the singer is singing, but the rest of the thing is just a soundtrack and the other guys are "playing along." I know there are reasons for this, but once again, to me, all it does is highlight the singer, which is a shame.

I was watching the Dick Clark count down last night and thought the bands were actually playing. The sure give away to me is that the drums aren't miked. These drums were miked, but once again the other give away happened..The drummer was playing the ride cymbal, and the hi hat is what I was hearing. The Jonas Brothers drummer messed up one bar where he should have been doing a tom breakdown instead of a hi hat/snare beat.

I know this is kind of dumb, but I enjoy watching people actually play music, and if they mess up, that just makes them human! is a pet peeve of mine too, but you gotta remember that most people don't play music, and more specifically most people don't know the difference between a ride and hihat. It's sad I know, but I still enjoy it.

The Jonas Brothers ROCK!!! I wanna meet them one day.
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