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Default Bass Guitar Anyone?

Need help. My friend, 53 years young, is going through a midlife crisis. Probably more accurately called old age crisis. Just bought a snappy belt drive BMW motorcylce, a new 911 cabriolet ... a real sick fellow.

Anyway, he came over this afternoon. I'm playing the kit as he knocks on the door, watching the new Jo Jo DVD. The two of us start talking about the hobby and how there is plenty of stuff out there for a guy to learn a few things on his own. He decides he wants to play with me on a regular basis. Bass guitar, with a plan for jazz. Next thing I know, we are on our way to Guitar Center for a look at some instruments.

Spent about an hour there. The salesman was suggesting this bass guitar made by "W," real pretty rosewood I think, and looked like a one piece body with no pickguard, around $1,200. Also, a 2 x10 Ampeg amp, I think 200 watts on casters, around $699 I think. I was really needing to leave to get somewhere else, so I got him out of here as I suggested I knew a place where someone might have a suggestion or two for him.

-- Do any of you know the best bass guitar forum?
-- Best DVD or book for a newbie?
-- Any suggestions on jazz bass gear for this guy? We really need to get him financially involved ... don't hesitate to get him in deep. More money than common sense and besides, he can always sell on ebay or craigslist more easily if he has decent stuff. Thanks for your help. Joey

Thought I was in off topic area, but needed to sign in again after I tried to po Myabe I just messed up. Please move this and sorry. Happy new year.
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