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Default Re: Life-changing pointers

My Dad - "Find something you're good at, then try to become the best you can be at it...even if you end up driving a taxi."

Not to lose the meaning of the thread Berhard posted regarding "the world's greatest"...I think my Dad mean't well by the statement. I have found it helpful through life when I found things to zero-in on and it helped me feel that "succesful" feeling. Regardless of how I did, a sense of accomplishment achieved. Father, musician, electrician, carpenter, US Navy Chief...all sorts of applications.


Dad (again) - "There is always someone richer than you".

Meaning, there is always going to be someone with more money, talent, desire, on and so forth. So, stay humble...cause' even though you might never hear or see this person, guarunteed...he/she exists.

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