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Default Life-changing pointers

I had a chance meeting with Jason Martz, a producer, and a dude who played synths for Michael Jackson's Black & White ( besides touring with Zappa ).

During a free-wheeling conversation about many things, I asked him if there were any "words" or a " credo" that he lived by, as a musician.

He said yes he did and it was a saying by Quincy Jones, and it was something he lived by, ever since he heard it.

Quincy had simply said " leave a little room for god".

It was his response to recording exec suggestions of filling up bar space in the tracks that were felt to be too bare and sparse.

My mom, who was a singer herself and who took great pride in her son's passion for music, once told me "Just tell the truth when you play, and it will all work out in the end"

That struck me as profound.

I'm sure lots of people taught you how to read, and hold sticks, and stuff, but anybody pointed you in the right life direction, that you might be thankful for, looking back ?

Any of y'all get any life changing pointers from higher life-forms? Greater, more experienced musicians? People smarter than yourself?

Credos that YOU live by?

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