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Default Re: Mike Mangini Clinic

I've seen Mr. Mangini at one of his drum clinics. What he played at the clinic was much more musical than this solo.

The ostinato sounds very similar to one of Terry Bozzio's ostinatos in his video on the black Remo drums. The big difference seems to be that Mr. Mangini is playing twice as many beats with the bass drums. For me, it really makes it less musical because there are less holes to fill in by playing over the pattern. That is one of the keys to soloing over an ostinato; keep the ryhthm open and simple so there are lots of holes to fill in.

Lets talk about the tuning of the drums in this video. For some reason, when he starts playing fast, the drums just sound like clicking. I agree that Mr. Mangini is a very fast drummer but at what expense? The second half of the drum solo just sounds like a lot of very fast clicking; void of ryhthm and voice (or is it just my computer speakers that can't handle the speed?). I understand that the faster you play, the less ring and overtone you want so you can hear each of the notes. But it stopped sounding like drums after a while.

I enjoyed most of the solo and respect Mr. Mangini for his accomplishments; he was very personable when I met him at the clinic. I just think that once the speed kicks in, this solo loses some of its appeal.

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