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Originally Posted by SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ View Post
Has anyone crafted their own rack tubing using some metal tubing from Home Depot? I was seriously pondering this tonight as I stared at a rack full of metal tubing. For 8 to 10 feet of tubing, it's only about $13. Now, a 4ft long Gibraltar straight tube is about twice that when you buy it new. I figured, if they are the same diameter, I could substitute generic tubing for official Gibraltar tubing.

I've been wanting to add on to my rack, and this would be much cheaper than buying the branded tubing. I was just wondering if anyone had taken a stab at it yet.
That sounds like a good idea. Here are my thoughts:

Is the Home Depot tubing chromed? If it's not chromed, it might look screwy. Or it might look terrific, depending on the set and type of music.

If Gibraltar is charging $26 for four feet of chrome tubing, at today's prices, that's not outrageous.

Is the Home Depot tubing exactly the same diameter as the Gibraltar? If not, would it work anyway? Bring some clamps to the store and try the fit.

Are the end caps for the tubing available?

It would be a neat project if you could get it to work. Racks are much less complex than stands and you'd have a lot of flexibility to do what you wanted. For cutting, I would strongly recomment a chop saw, to ensure straight cuts.
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