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Default Re: Pat Petrillo Transcription

Hey Fourstring,

You've got it right with the bass and hi-hat w/ foot. The notes above and below the snare line with circles around them are tom's. This is a standard way of notating tom hit's. As for having the bass notated under the last line of the staff, this is common too. Having the hi-hat w/ foot under a ledger line, below the staff, in this case allows for less clutter when the bass and hi-hat are played with the feet at the same time (on the 1 of bar 2, for example). To me, this makes things read a bit more linear than when the two notes are on either side of the same note stem.

That's how I figure the reasoning for this notation style. Easier designation of tom hits and everything lines up on one side of a note stem. The lining up part is nice to me.

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