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Originally Posted by boomboomda View Post
Cool I have an old Tama stand I wanted to do that to, but the legs on that one do not rotate. I have to find a solution for mine too.
Gimping a hihat stand is a great mod. I did this with an old Tama as well. If you do it right it is completely reversible.

Look very carefully at how the tops of the legs are attached to a sliding collar and a fixed collar at the bottom. These collars are removable. I'm certain you could loosen and rotate them and re-tighten them.

So, you could remove one of the legs, then rotate the collars to the right position. The collar tightening mechanism might not be easy to adjust, so once you had the new position for the two legs you'd have to leave them there, but at least you'd shave off a leg from the stand.
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