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Originally Posted by Thinshells
It's all fun and games until the cymbal hits your fingers...
very nice :D my brother and I actually used old drum heads for a very long time to frisbee. they are a bit hard to throw cause you have to spin 'em very hard to get 'em stable but when you do it correctly they fly very smooth.

Originally Posted by fourstringdrums
When I saw Pantera on the Black Sabbath Reunion concert in '99, at the end of their set, Vinnie Paul took off his china's (20" mind you) and flinged them out into the audience. I'm fairly certain someone got decapitated :)
I was once at a show with a dutch drummer and when he finished he threw his sticks in the audience. one hit the head of a girl standing with her back to the stage and all I could think is that's what you get when you ain't paying attention to a good drummer.
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