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Default Re: Stanton Moore here


Thank you Stanton & his big brain for thinking & acting in such a positive and helpful way! And thank you wonderful friends & kind strangers for all your love & support !

The Vidacovich house does indeed need serious repairs, expensive and large scale which of course the insurance company won't cover. And, JV is having trouble with arthritis but because of the house worries & bills he has to take extra work when he should be resting & healing. So Stanton had the bright idea to ask you fans and friends for any help you could spare.

You can read more details in an upcoming blog. This is just a note to spread the word and express our gratitude. We deeply appreciate the overwhelming amount of public support and generosity. If you missed Stanton's letter, here it is again:

The link is here:


Hello fans of great music,

I'm writing to you to ask for your help in helping out my mentor, teacher and good friend Johnny Vidacovich. Johnny and his wife Deborah's house is in need of major repairs and they are in need of financial help. To compound matters, Johnny is developing arthritis in his right thumb. I want to keep him from having to play every single gig that comes his way so that the arthritis doesn't get worse. This is the house that I learned my most important musical lessons in. This is also the house that Kevin O'day, Brian Blade and many other great drummers learned in. Johnny is one of the most unique drummers in the world and is a New Orleans treasure.

So I want to help them in as many was as I can by letting as many people as I know that:

- Johnny will be teaching lessons at the house for the next few weeks at a discounted rate of $75 an hour
- You can book the lessons with Deborah via email at
- You can make a donations to the Vidacovich cause by mailing a check made out to Johnny Vidacovich to 4816 Bienville St. New Orleans, LA 70119
- You can make a donation online below!



Thanks for your help. Together we can help save the Vidacovich house!

Stanton Moore

Also, you can select "copy" in the CHIPIN widget and paste the code and embed the donation box on your page. Spread the word, spread the love!
peace y'alll

the link is here:

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