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Default Re: Musician abuse?

I have the opposite problem of being loud when I play in my church. I'm too soft and wimpy at times and I have been told many times that the drums could hardly be heard.

I've been rebuked by the keyboardist for not playing loud enough and for not putting in enough fills. But, the acoustics in my church are awful and the soundboard guys don't really have a good knowledge of what to listen for in the drums (I try to communicate nicely what to listen for in the monitors). Even though the drum kit is totally miked, sometimes the soundboard person actually has me completely muted and doesn't even realize it until the service is over. In cases like that only people near the front actually can hear the drums. So, it isn't always my fault that I can't be heard.

Needless to say, I'm working on trying to play louder. I've already got the low volume thing down for the most part.
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