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Default Re: Videos of Heel toe bass method

Originally Posted by Capitaine Quebec
Well the thing is that when i bought my drum, it came with 2 bass drum, it was reducted, plus everything was, in the store, at a normal price with taxe, i saved about 900$ which is good i think. I thought myself "Great two base drum=no need for dbl bass drum pedal" yeah right... at the beggining i didnt care about my pedals, now i do. They feel crappy and i hear this metal sound when i try to go faster with them. My friend keep telling me "no they are great keep them" when i tell him that i absolutely want to change them. So any suggestion on pedal? i think i will buy a double pedal and keep my 2 bass drum so i will be able to get 2 different sound. Any suggestion on what to get? i dont know if the iron cobra dbl worth their 300 $...
The least expensive decent pedal is probably the iron cobra junior or pearls equivalent. There is a madrange mapex (580 IIRC ) that isn't bad. Those are good starting points. If you go too cheap you will be fighting with a bad design.
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