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Originally Posted by Jon Cable View Post
Actually I think he's a pretty good drummer who was extremely lucky to be in a band that became huge! He seems a nice guy, and it's his fans that annoy ppl more than Travis does!![/font]

Not wanting to appear a fanboy (God no), but from what i've learned of his history, he pulled himself up out of a life of emptying dustbins by woodshedding as hard as many other world famous drummer. It's because he practised his craft that he got to a standard higher than 'pretty good', and through talent more than luck joined Blink One Hundred and Eighty-two band (of course turning out to be by far the most talented member)

Don't get me wrong, the music he makes is on the whole boring and repetitive to me, but through the direction of a teacher, I got a chance to break down some of his licks and aspects of his playing, and saw that they require great amounts of speed, stamina and technique to pull off. Don't underestimate his ability as a drummer because of the music he makes.
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