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Default Re: What the ear specialist told me...

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Well, actually nothing which is really bad...but no good diagnosis either.
He first cleaned my ear with kind of a vacuum...this was pretty loud and a horrible feeling.
However, after he did this he did a hearing test with me...simple concept: First how my eardrum and general tympanum responds to peep tones...then they placed a lil mic on the bone behind the ear and played the same peep tones to know how well my inner ear works.

As diagnose he told me that my ear drum is arced to the inside...and it is lightly pitted. My inner ear works perfectly but I have a middle ear deafness. And although my inner ear responds well it isn`t aired well enough. If I can't equalize the pressure it could get worse and I have to get small tubules into the ear again...

It makes me very sad to hear those "bad" news...the ears are so important for us all...and losing them is like dying. After the diagnosis I was really afraid...and worried. Did you have those experiences, too?

Thanks a lot for reading,
hey karl, im really sorry to hear about your ear man.. i know if i lost my hearing (knock on wood) it would be catastrophic..

lets hope wherever you are that the doctors can help you out a bit and coax your ears back into health...

youve come to the right place if you need anything

Best of luck,

Howard Roark is my main man.
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