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Originally Posted by t_rav View Post
he did in fact learned and played in jazz bands in the beggining folk
A high school jazz band and being taught by a jazz drummer does not make you magically able to truly play jazz. Without meaning to sound like a jazzsnob here, but its not even just with jazz - any genre takes thoughtful listening and study to truly be able to play it.

Oh, and in the least offensive way of putting this - you really need to act your age when posting as you can come off as a stubborn 10 year old, who isn't quite getting his own way.
I understand he's your hero, but just because someone critises him doesn't mean they're wrong. Someone people say Elvin Jones sounds like someone falling down some stairs - I can see why they would think that, but to me he's an incredible emotional player with incredible creativity, technique and passion. I would think that they didn't understand his playing, or appreciate his style - which is fair enough. Sorry to go off topic, but try to see different opinions. Matt once said that people with gigantic opinions who get angry at those with different ones, don't go down well in this place - too true.
"You can play a shoestring if your sincere." - John Coltrane

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