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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Travis Barker played ocassionally in his high school jazz band. That's his own statement BTW. This is certainly not the same as implying that he had some formative years playing in professional jazz settings as his press agent tried to push along.

Most American high school jazz bands merely flirt with jazz, and are in most cases pep bands with a big band instrumentation. That's not to say that there aren't some serious ones that play actual jazz, but they represent the minority, and they are all amateur. For you to make such a connection would be the same as another high school band kid using his tympani rolls on 1812 Overture to demonstrate a legitemate background in classical music.

As I've said before Barker didn't start a lot of this talk. He had a press agent who used to create legend from the smallest crumb of truth, knowing that his fanatics would run with it, whether it was tue or not. This compares with him being famously credited with drum corps experience, when he only once merely talked about trying out, before joining a rock band instead.
Does that make Travis a jazz snob??? LMBFAO!
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