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Default Re: A vacation in London...

Originally Posted by TitanSound View Post
Well for a famous studio you have to look no furthur than Abbey Road!!!! Its in a residential part of London though so not much else to see or do there.

As for the blues cafe and music shops then you need to go to Denmark Sreet. Its in central London so easy to get too. There are also plenty of attractions, Tower Bridge as you say along with The Tower of London. Lot of museums and galleries like the Tate Modern, National History museum etc. And of course Camden Town (where I live) is very big with the tourists, and there is a drum shop about 5mins walk from there.

If you need any help with locations and such just ask ;)
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it...
I guess you can only see Abbey Road from outside? (As a tourist of course)
Ah, yes Denmark Street, forgot the name...

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