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Default Re: Musician abuse?

Many posters are stating that you need to work on your diversity, and that is very true. You are in a different church with different people who may or may not like your style. I have been the "church drummer" in a few churches and have subbed at many more. I have learned that playing quietly usually works best. I have never heard any complaints when I get fancy or do something "out of the box" as long as I keep it tasteful and quiet.

The Ploughman really nailed it. Music is not a necessity for worship. You should probably feel privileged just to have the opportunity to share your talents with this church. So try to be open minded to what the church needs from you and honor that.

Mostly PRAY!! Get close to God and see what direction He wants you to go. If it is another church, then so be it. God has a place for you, He may be honing your skills to get you where you need to be.
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