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Cool! A link to a cool article from Drums and Percussion, Nov.1974 with rare pictures of Carl's stainless steel drum set. There is not too much out there as far as pictures of the beautiful kit, which, according to a footnote on page 94 of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Show That Never Ends " took twelve months to complete, and involved input from the British Steel Corporation. The final cost of the kit came in at around $15,000. The only off the shelf items were the Gretsch hoops" That would be way over 60 grand in 2007 dollars! This is the kit that was bought by Ringo Starr. Probably the only one that could afford it. He reportedly donated it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which unfortunately does not recognize Progressive Rock! WTF!

His 2007 equivalent is the Paiste kit he now owns:

This snare demo is UNBELIEVABLE especially at the end:
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