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Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I remember Zeldman doing this crazy independence stuff back in '89. He is truly an unsung giant of a drummer. Whatever happened to him? I'd heard some pretty bad things.

I'd love to see him playing alongside Marco now. That would be SCARY!!!
Hi i am new to this site . I can say that Mr Zeldman is alive and kicking big time in London village U.K.
I have been studying with him for almost a year . The guy is phenomenal , his interdependence is in no way inferior to the above mentioned masters , his groove is HUGE should he be in funk mode . The stuff he has demonstrated in the practice room to me has not been witnessed by many , that you tube clip just does not do his playing any justice at all . I have to say the playing of Lang etc is awesome on one level but leaves me cold on another , Pete Zeldman however imbibes his playing with a massive dose of spirit , some thing undefinable . certainly not cold . I spent a long time considering my next teacher and he won . any way this whole argument about who is best or fastest is rubbish , what has that got to do with music and emotion...
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