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Ive played in a worship setting for over 30 years. In gospel groups, in worship teams, in churches, in other non church yet religious music type functions, and for religious entertainment at weddings, parties, and other functions.

Different gigs, even with the same basic music require different things. Recently we played a fairly big outdoor (big for us) several hundred people benefit, I took my Ayotte Custom 22-12-14-16 with snare, 2oo2 cymbals, it was fully sound reinforced, drumkit fully miked up, and everything was fairly loud. A couple weeks later, I played a retirement home with pretty much the same set list........ and had a snare and brushes.

Theres a lot you arent saying. And much you are saying. Like the "Im gonna move you to congas" kind of important where that came from. What made it a legitimate threat? And for a sound shield to suddenly appear in the middle of a service, was grossly disruptive and could not have possibly been warranted under any circumstances. Unless you have been repeatedly warned that would happen as a last resort. So I dont know what to make of it all.

This is what I know from my playing experience. You as a musician arent necessary at all for worship. This is something that seems to be missed by the majority of musicians and praise teams and praise team leaders at work in religious music today. Worship is a corporate experience for the congregation. Its not a concert opportunity for the Worship Team. Worship can and will happen without any music, without anything at all except people who come together to Worship. People who have no musical experience and cant even carry a tune can lead worship, because that is something that comes out of the heart, not an amp, not a music degree, and doesnt neeed anything except the heart praising God for it to happen. Theres some stuff in the new testament about how gifts are given by the holy spirit, for the development of the brethren, the edification not of self, but of the church. Who we are and what we do becomes secondary in that, and just as much as we are to worship God with our talents, we are also to edify those around us with our gifts, so that their worship experience is as enjoyable as our own. "In honor, preferring one another" ......... you can find that in your KJV.

Hope tis helps.
Good luck. Merry christmas.
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