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Default Re: Any positive band stories?

My band right now....I can't ask for anyone else. Everyone is committed beyond belief, we've been playing for only 2 months now and there are so many promotion agencies that are trying to sign us to their roster. It's going great. We've wrote 10 strong quality songs and have the foundations to 4 other songs. And it's the style that I want. Rock/Blues/Funk. Mix of John Mayer, Chilis, Led Zepplin, and Incubus. We've played two BOTB. The first one, we've only been together for 1 and a half weeks and we finished 3rd. The second time we played, we were together as a band for 1 and a half months and we won. We beat out 13 other bands, one of which we together for 3 or 4 years. This band is going places, and i've never felt better.
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