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Default Re: Musician abuse?

Originally Posted by maddrummr View Post
Well of course I would be offended if someone told me to stop playing how I've been playing for years and years. BUT on the other side, being a great drummer requires a lot of diversity in style and application of your skills.

Now if I were in your position, I would listen and quiet down for a little. I would learn to play quiet and then add in some fancy stuff. But, don't get to excited and let yourself go. If you can keep the fancy stuff under control I'm sure your director would be fine with it.
yeah that is true
in fact, I've actually considered doing that before, but sometimes it's unfair when you have thoughts like that, "why can't this church be like that church?" or "I wanna bring this dead crowd to its feet". you know what I mean? so it's kinda hard to adjust from there.
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