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Default Musician abuse?

I've been playing in church for about 4 years now.
I grew up in a very contemporary, united and "youthy" church, which also means we play our songs loud (in a good way) and powerful, ranging from Hillsong to Planetshakers stuff.
After moving in to the US (I'm from Malaysia), my cousin pulled me in to a more conservative church and things begin to change.
I joined the worship team, the worship leaders love me cause of my energy in drumming and my ideas and song arrangements in changing old songs to a more upbeat playing, but from some of the congregation I get responses like tone down, you're overpowering and recently a threatening comment like "if you add more fancy stuff and don't keep it simple, I will change you to congas."
What even pissed me more was one of the audio dudes pulled up a drum shield, puts it in front me in the middle of the worship service, everyone started laughing and I just lost all my spirit playing.
Due to these, I had to change to smaller sticks or hot rods and have to really tone and control myself and resulting in loss of feel of playing and not concentrating on the music and worship but instead, my playing.
Any comments? I wanna hear your experiences.
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