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Default Re: So whats everybody hoping for this Christmas?

Originally Posted by burnthehero View Post
I'm hoping for money so that I can restore my bank account from the hit it's going to take when I buy presents for everybody else. Christmas is all about breaking even for me. And if I end up in the black, it's an extra special Christmas.
Oh man I hear that! This has been the hardest time of the year for me for the last couple of years. Work is typically slow now and after buying everyone else's gifts I'm usually very, very broke and holding my breath until my tax return arrives. However, this is the first year I'm actually not stressed out. A couple of weeks ago my boss basically hung me out to dry, and in the wake, I started picking up work on my own which has made these last couple of weeks the best paid ones all year. Now I've got work for myself lined up for the next few weeks, with other prospects to follow up on at the end of it.

My wife and I were smart though. We started buying gifts for the kids a few months ago... one a week. As of a week or so ago, all of their presents were acquired. Tonight I'm putting photo books together for our parents and grandparents. My wife and I are getting my step bro and his wife a couple gift certificates to restaurants I believe. I'm giving my bro in law the motorbike collage I did a couple years ago (very nice pro print in a frame). I'm getting my wife a new stereo for her minivan.

For me, I'm getting some cool stuff; a four channel (two source) headphone amp so my band mate and I can FINALLY have headphone mixes when we record; a DI box to use for guitar, bass, keys, etc, and re-amping; a nice soldering station and a fairly decent multimeter so I can begin working on electronic kits soon. I'm hoping to get some new acoustic guitar strings so I can finally start recording one of my new songs. Oh, and my wife bought me a Rubik's Cube cuz my old one teleported into another dimension.
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