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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Originally Posted by RVP View Post
Hey Tutin,

Doin' good!

Yeah man, I do lots of session work when I'm not touring or recording with my bands. The best way to promote yourself with Session Work is to basically do as much of it as you can! The other thing that will help you is to get out there and play live as much as you can, let people know who you are so they come asking for you. I played my ass off when i moved to Vancouver to start a career in music. Once I got a name around Vancouver from playing in a couple popular bands.... the session work started flowing, then Devin Townsend eventually called me and that really blew everything up. The more exposure you get... the better the gigs will be!

Final words.... Work hard, play as much as you can (Studio and Live), be diverse with your playing, be ready and most importantly.... believe in yourself. Good things will then come. It worked for me!

Hope that answers your question,


Thanks a lot Ryan, will do!

Where are you originally from then?
Would like more MFB please.
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