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Default Re: Any positive band stories?

Originally Posted by drummerchick435 View Post
I've been reading a lot of band stories and they all seem to be negative. Have any of y'all found a great group of guys/gals that all just perfectly mesh together?.....So post your positive band stories now!!!
Hey drummerchick!

I've been in many happy, healthy bands over the years.

I spent four years playing in a country band during the early 80's. The band was formed years before and all were good friends. When I joined, the band was not sure I would fit, being that I was a Rockin' Jazz/Fusion drummer. But, it worked just fine. I not only became part of the band, but part of their families.

I spend another 4 years playing in my last band, a Rocking Blues 5 piece. These guys blew me away at my audition. I knew in the first 30 minutes that I had found kindred spirits!...LOL! We played Clapton, ZZTop, Jeff Healy, the Allmans, Bo Didley, Chuck Berry, the Stones, the Kinks, etc....

What wonderful 4 years that was...I really miss those guys! *wipes tear from cheek*
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