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Default Re: Any positive band stories?

A few months ago I got together with a guitarist and bass player who I meshed with immediately and we were very positive about continuing. Unfortunately the guitarist stopped contacting me....ok so that's not a positive one really.

I had a bass player email me who sent me some MP3's of songs that him and his guitar playing brother in-law recorded. I overdubbed some drums and sent them back and even though we hadn't played together yet, I knew we were on the same page musically. The guitarist got into a bad car accident and the bass player hasn't really been writing me and has made no mention of getting together in person...ok I guess that's not a positive one either.

...Ok there is a bass player who is in a band I auditioned for, but didn't get into. He lives a few houses down from me. Him, myself, and one of the guitar players jams on a pretty weekly basis doing some cover tunes, or 20 minute jams that can go anywhere. We might not click as much as the other two scenarios, but we have a lot of fun doing it.

Ok that's a positive one :)
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