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I have somehow reached the age of 24 without ever hearing so much as a snippet of a Rush tune. Jealous, Finn? But one thing I've never forgotten was the '25 Greatest Drummers Poll' in the 25th Anniversary edition Modern Drummer. In it, the magazine readily praises 24 of the drummers, offering its own opinion as to why they are correctly esteemed.The Neil Peart summary, however, reads like this (emphasis added):

"The most influential rock drummer of all time, Neil Peart's work with the progressive-rock trio Rush is considered to be classic. Many drummers relate to and are excited by Peart's powerful big-kit approach..."

I wasn't left in much doubt as to what the writer on that feature thought of Neil Peart!

It really is about time I listened to it myself, though. ThinShells, perhaps you could recommend me your favourite album?
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