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Default Re: Written Communication

Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
In the sentence that begins “Some of this is just poor use of grammar,” the first comma is used to separate clauses where a conjunction followed by a definitive article is actually required. The word "mispunctuated" is not hyphenated, and the syntactic construction "mis-punctuation or the lack of it" doesn't make sense. "UK" should be "the UK," otherwise you have a single definitive article marking multiple proper nouns. The word "lowercase" is not hyphenated. Perhaps by "location or the writer" you meant "location of the writer" as that would have made more sense. In your last sentence you use the incorrect object for the preposition in the relative clause. It should read "who feels," rather than "that feels," unless of course you are in fact literally a stick.

This is a forum for drummers, not grammarians, and I make no assumptions about the education level, language skills, or learning abilities of our contributing members. Therefore I never point out spelling, grammar, or stylistic errors, unless of course someone really begs for it.
I actually have a minor in English from the University of Maryland, and you, sir, discussed as many grammar rules in one paragraph as I learned in an average semester.

That was actually quite impressive, and you are correct; precise grammar, usage and diction are about as relevant to drumming as a paradiddle is to proper conjugation.
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