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Originally Posted by Thinshells
You know, Rush tours where the album sales are. It seems to me if they can Pack the house in RIO, they really should tour Australia. I wish there was a way for the Ghostrider to see this and put it on his ajenda. Autralia is a big country, and I bet Rush would do well there.

They would do very well here. And they wouldn't have to tour the whole country, just the East coast - Melbourne and Sydney. I'm in Perth on the West coast, which is probably too small for them, but I would take the 4 hour flight east to see them, as I'm sure many would.

More and more of the bigger international bands are beginning to tour Australia. Foo Fighters come here a bit, they have played at some great festivals. Motley Crue are touring with Motorhead next month, to name a few.

I'm sure the Professor would enjoy some time out riding the Australian coastline too.
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