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The Carpenters sold a ton of records. Had a bunch of top ten and #1 hits. She could sing. She could drum, and not just "for a girl." Still, she used the great Hal Blaine on many of her recordings, including, according to Hal's site, at least the following Top Ten Hits:
Close To You
We've Only Just Begun
Rainy Days and Mondays
For All We Know.

Did you notice John Denver in the bit with the bass drum-glockenspiel trade? That truly is a great clip of her running around with all the different sets. I was most impressed with her ability to be so relaxed, even if she was playing to a previously recorded track she put down. As stated above, she was pretty much right on it and appears very at ease and having fun ... just look at her smile. Really good chops, particularly with the snare work, HH, and tom rolls. Joey
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