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Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
I think KC was a good drummer, but surely not great.( a drummer I mean...)

Meg White is a very limited drummer - i know - and she knows too.

For KC i had 450 votes to include
For Meg i had 58900 votes to include...

I understand that most people only think of KC as wonderful singer, and she certainly was. But I hope people would do themselves a favor and do a search for "Karen Carpenter drums" on youtube or google video and check out the "Dancin' in the Streets" clip. Sure, she's not exactly legendary, but she was certainly more than just a "good" drummer. She was excellent. And she was be-bop jazz drummer before her "Carpenters" fame. I don't care how good or not as good she was compared to Buddy Rich, but it still takes some amount of skill to hang with the be-bop.

I can understand the general pop culture will easily recognize Meg White over Karen Carpenter as a drummer. Most people would probably think "Karen Carpenter...her drumming on 'Close to You' was hardly drumming at all....yawn. Now, that Meg White, she's a rock drummer...yeah!) But, try putting the "Dancin in the Streets" clip against The White Stripes "Doorbell" video up for vote.

Think of it this way. There's a large general public who only recognizes Phil Collins as a singer. "Yeah...his drumming on 'One More Night'...that wasn't even a real person..." Yet, I'm sure there are many of us here that would not hesitate to educate our poor, uninformed friends of Phil Collins drumming skills.

I'm not stating that anyone be removed. What I am stating that it seems such a dishonor to not have someone who's number heart and soul passion was the drums (according to the many testimonies of her friends and families in the documentaries about her) listed in this site. She should be listed under the "ladies" section. Vote or no vote. And if there is someone out there that doesn't know why, then it should be the honor of drummerworld to educate our uninformed friends, shouldn't it?
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