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Dear Maintainers of,

Can someone please tell me that they see something horribly wrong with this picture?

Listed under the female drummers is MEG WHITE???!!! And KAREN CARPENTER is NOT????!!!! We're talking about someone who had REAL talent being left out of this list while MEG WHITE is considered to even be a musician?

I want an explaination for this. As someone who thought I could respect this site as a place to find a repository of TALENT, I find this to be utter blasphemy to the world of MUSICIANS as a whole. There are many of us that work hard at sharpenning our skills and honing our talents and yet maybe never even get noteriety past our garages. But the omission of Karen Carpenter over Meg White is almost like considering a work consisting of a crucifix inside a urinal and calling it "Christ Piss" a real work of art. And unfortunately both occurances have already transpired in the real world. What's next, let's give Milli Vanilli a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? (I'm not surprised if they already did...) What a sick and sad world we live in.


Carlo Virtucio
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