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Default Re: What the ear specialist told me...

Everyday there's a thought at the back of my head of 'what would happen if one of my limbs were lost, or I was affected in a way in which I couldn't drum?' But at the end of the day, I just think of how lucky I am compared with some other people in the world. However, even if some people are affected in a way which affects their drumming abilities, they still make it happen and don't let it get in the way of pursing their passion. Look at fourstring and his website - there are some incredible people on there showing how a minor 'setback' won't get in their way.
Karl it's natural to be afraid, but you gotta take these things as they come and make the best out of bad situations. You've got more than enough passion, so I highly doubt that this will set you back. I hope all goes well for you, but try not to be too afraid as it will only make it worse.
"You can play a shoestring if your sincere." - John Coltrane
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