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Default Re: Videos of Heel toe bass method

Originally Posted by thinshells
I went to 1 kick to save space, and because I liked th dw9002/eliminator so much. But:
I am considering building a twin kick maple shelled kit that replicates most of Neil Pearts red artstar kit. I would go to twin eliminators in that case. I do so for personal aesthetics and looks, but not necessity. Twin pedals are so good these days, there really isn't much need for two of the same sized kick.
Well the thing is that when i bought my drum, it came with 2 bass drum, it was reducted, plus everything was, in the store, at a normal price with taxe, i saved about 900$ which is good i think. I thought myself "Great two base drum=no need for dbl bass drum pedal" yeah right... at the beggining i didnt care about my pedals, now i do. They feel crappy and i hear this metal sound when i try to go faster with them. My friend keep telling me "no they are great keep them" when i tell him that i absolutely want to change them. So any suggestion on pedal? i think i will buy a double pedal and keep my 2 bass drum so i will be able to get 2 different sound. Any suggestion on what to get? i dont know if the iron cobra dbl worth their 300 $...
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