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Default Written Communication

I'm a pretty frequent visitor to these forums and find a lot of interest in the posts I read here. One thing is getting increasingly frustrating for me. Many of the posts I read exhibit horrible writing skills. Please understand I'm not trying to be the "literature police" or just being elitist. The problem is that sometimes I have to re-read posts two or three times just to understand what the writer is saying. Some of this is just poor use of grammar, misuse of capital or lower case letters, some is incorrect spelling, some is mis-punctuation or the lack of it altogether. I usually take a look at the location or the writer. In some situations English is not the primary language of the author and of course that comes into consideration. However, when I see posts by people who are at least in secondary education in places like the US and UK butchering the language it leads me to wonder if they are not getting a decent education in the written word or if they just don't care. Am I the only stick in the mud that feels this way?
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