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Originally Posted by TonyAKA View Post
To my (limited!) knowledge, the only track with Jeff on that album is Without You. I agree, Satisfaction is very JR. (Too funky for Ed Greene in my opinion). And yes, great opening fill!

Talking of fills, here's a gem for you (if you don't know it already)...

Superstar, by Richard Marx.

You know that fill from How Many Times / Toto (4:05 in), well at the end of Superstar, you can hear the same fill slowed right down, here you can really break it down and hear how it's done.

And here's a challenge for you...

The album View From The Ground by America has no track credits. Have a listen and tell me which tracks you think are Jeff. I have my ideas, but don't want to influence your decision.
track 2
track 3
track 4
track 5
track 6
track 7
track 9
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