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Default Re: Videos of Heel toe bass method

Originally Posted by Capitaine Quebec
i tried the heel toe technique and its working with my right foot but not the left. Good technique indeed but not for me. And those who say that can play with heel up faster thant the video exercise, normal, the video is for learning, not showing off :P

out of thread----
I have 2 bass drum, should i get a double pedal or 2 separate pedals? because if i want a decent pedal (what im planning to do because my pedals feel horrible, they are the stock pedals) like exemple iron cobra that is around 130$ new, its 2 time for me so 260$ plus tax so its kinda costy. if i buy a double pedal , i will be able to play with 1 or two bass drum depending on how i feel, but is it more costy than 2 pedals?
I went to 1 kick to save space, and because I liked th dw9002/eliminator so much. But:
I am considering building a twin kick maple shelled kit that replicates most of Neil Pearts red artstar kit. I would go to twin eliminators in that case. I do so for personal aesthetics and looks, but not necessity. Twin pedals are so good these days, there really isn't much need for two of the same sized kick.

My philosophy is: use two if you feel better with them. twin kick kits look very cool indeed.
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