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Default Omar Hakim

Couldnt find an Omar thread so...

One of the best session players, who really can play anything even more so than vinnie I think. Always liked his style, the way he mixes his original jazz style fills with contemparary stuff. His big snare sound is always recognisable too, as well as his small hat fills he does. He is also one of the few 'super' drummers to embrace electric drums, which I respect him for. He plays well on both and treats acoustic and electric as separate tools, which alot of drummers cant do.

Some of my fave stuff by him is David Sanborns 'As we speak', especially tracks 'rush hour' and 'love will come some day'. Brilliant fills. Also all his solo stuff is worth listening to.

A couple of albums I know he plays on: David Bowies 'lets Dance' and Dire Straits 'Brothers in arms' are more great examples of his drumming, although they dont directly credit him to particular tracks on those albums. Although I am pretty sure he plays on the majority of tracks for each.

Dire Straits: certain of 'one world' farly sure of 'Money for nothing', 'your latest trick', and the title track.

David Bowie: fairly sure of 'lets dance', 'criminal world', and 'cat people'

Does anyone know for sure...?

Anyway, Respect!

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