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Default Re: Led Zeppelin Rocks Again!

A while back I read somewhere that Ian Ashbury told the audience at a Cult gig that Zep was gonna tour and that The Cult were to be the opening band but,... who knows?

Also a friend of mine told me that the heard they were thinking of do a string of gigs at Madison Square Garden using the same set list from Song Remains the Same, but I don't know where he heard that from so I don't know how true it is. I DID see an interview with Page prior to the O2 gig that they were being courted to play Glastonbury. If that's true then dag-nabbit, they better do a couple gigs here in the States or I'm declaring war on Britain! No fair they get a live Zep show and we don't! After all we're the ones that got them famous (Of course, I'm just jealous, so don't take this rant seriously).

The first clip I saw was Kashmir and I thought, "Hmm, pretty good but when's Jason gonna let some fills fly", then about 7 minutes in my jaw hit the floor. There was a moment in one of the clips where Plant turns to face Jason while he's playing and you can tell he was in awe of him. Way to Jason Bonham!

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