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Default Piano keyboard

I know this isn't about drums but we are supposed to know a bit about music theory anyway.

The question is, what is the logic behind selecting which of the keys will be the black keys (besides them being used for sharps and flats)? Now, there are 12 notes in the octave and there is an equal half step between each note. So instead of having all 12 keys in a row, someone decided to pull certain ones out and turn them into black keys, leaving a whole step between white keys. However, that's not the reason because there is only a half step between E and F which are also white keys.

I suspect it was done only to accomodate the C-major scale, so that it can be played on all the white keys without skipping over any of them. Thus you have 7 white keys all in a row, even though they contain a mixture of whole and half steps.

There is nothing anywhere that says this, though, so I could be all wrong. Most of the explanations just tell you what the keys are but not how they got that way.
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