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Default Jason Bonham & Led Zeppelin Show Gets 'Two Lighters Up'

Thought everyone here would like to see this - Jason is getting a lot of respect for his playing ability, apparently even the band were pleasantly surprised:


And it was the newest member of the band that was given the honor of kicking off the sold-out benefit show, pounding out the beat before the others joined in on a near-perfect “Good Times Bad Times.”

After the lights went down at the O2 Arena, newsreel footage of the band arriving in Tampa, Fla., for a 1973 performance was projected onstage. Then Bonham jumped in, soon to be joined by the rest.

Still, it was Bonham who may have been the star of the show. At 41, he is older than his father was — 32 — when he choked to death on his own vomit in 1980.

Bonham’s flawless performance and driving beat even made the other members of the band watch in awe at the end of “Black Dog.”

After “The Song Remains the Same,” Plant screamed: “Jason Bonham, drums! Come on!”
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